Extended Universe

Now, admittedly, I’m only dipping my toe in to the vast ocean that is Star Wars EU so far. I’m not even up to my ankles yet.

There’s just so much info packed into each little short story that it seems absurd to call them that – short stories. I’ve learned a great deal already. Things I didn’t know. Things I would have never thought of. I guess that’s why there’s authors out there doing this, though, they have thought of it.

It’s just amazing to me.

I’ve wondered quite a bit recently if Lucas had any idea what he was doing when he started this franchise. I don’t think he did. I think it surprised him just as it surprised everybody else.

It sure as hell took me by surprise.

I have to say, and I know it sounds odd, that I feel like a completely different fan now that I’ve gotten to see into the more in-depth lives of some of these characters. I went from ‘Hi, I’m a fan, fuck yeah, Star Wars’ to babbling incoherently (at times) to or at people who even bring up one minor thing. And it’s like I can’t even stop my mouth. Like it just all comes out and I don’t realize what I’ve done until I catch that look in the eye of whomever I’ve spewed all over.

That look. You know that look. That “WTF are you even talking about” look. That look that says they probably couldn’t even care less what you’re saying if you just started actually vomiting on their lap.

And the more I read, the more I WANT to read, even NEED to read. The more I want to know. The more I find out about one character, I feel like I should know about another. Or they’ll bring up somebody else, and I’ll feel like I’ve gained a new mission to discover all I can about them.

In some ways, it feels like enlightenment.
In others, I feel like I’ve condemned myself to a worse fate.


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