Not getting it

Tales From Jabba’s Palace has a lot of dealings with the B’omarr monks. They’re a relatively normal looking bunch, until they’ve reached enlightenment. Then they remove their brains from their bodies and put them into jars. Eventually the brains have gained enough power to summon giant spider-like walkers so they can move around their spaces with no problems.

This is not where my issue comes in.

My problem is the fact that the majority of the people who encounter these monks are freaked out about them. They don’t like the idea of disembodied brains. And to go a step further, there are those that the monks take into their order and make into bodiless brain jars. Now, it’s not the idea that they’re being forced into this religious order against their will that terrifies and disturbs these certain members. It’s the losing of the body.

Personally, I think being granted immortality without having to worry about one’s daily bodily restrictions while still holding onto full consciousness and mental capabilities would be freaking fantastic.

I say, sign me up.

It’s that forced part that I wouldn’t be too comfortable with. I don’t particularly like the idea of somebody wandering up to me with brain removing tools on some random day and telling me that it was time for me to become enlightened.

I think that I would rather undergo the process of getting there. Doing what they did. Or becoming enlightened in my own way first. Let me in on the idea that my brain is going to be put into a jar first. I don’t want a surprise brain jar party.

So why are none of the characters in Tales From Jabba’s Palace concerned about this? Maybe for some of them it’s because at that point they’ve got no more choice? But what about the others? What about the ones who have been courted – so to speak – by the B’omarr monks previously? It’s not like they don’t know what the monks want to do. They’re just freaked out about losing their body.

The body really isn’t so great. It breaks. It does disgusting things. It grows old, it dies.
Let it go.
Yeah. I said it.


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