I Am Legend

The concept and story of this movie were pretty well done. I think the reason this movie came off badly was because of bad editing. Nothing more than that. Bad editing.

I’m a pretty big fan of apocalyptic and post-apocalyptic stories, so it wasn’t really a stretch for me to seek this movie out to watch it. While I’m glad that I didn’t actually pay money to see it, I am glad that I saw it.

I feel like there was a lot that could have been explored more, but for the most part, everything that I was hoping for was delved into the way I wanted it to be. From the interactions between man and dog, and man and mannequin for that matter, to the way that he lived his life on a day to day basis.

The failings really began with the exploration of the creatures. I think more information could have been given about them, maybe not them as creatures because we had just as much information as the main character and I feel that is often sufficient enough for a story, but them as them. What they did in the darkness, the way that they interact with each other when there isn’t an outside influence there. These things could have given depth and dimension to the creatures as characters. I feel like the dog was more deeply explored.

It could have also made them all the more scarier to get into the fact that they were coming back around to awareness and knowledge of things outside of themselves, building a society. It’s not something that they explain, but you can see it. And if you know the clues to look for, then you can piece it together from what is said in the movie and what’s shown to us through the film.

If this area were expounded upon, and the editing completely redone, I really think this movie could stand up and be what it should have been in the first place. And who knows, maybe it was the editing that took away the greater story of the creatures. Us lowly movie-watchers will never probably know the truth of it.

All this said, I really did enjoy parts of this movie. I enjoyed Will Smith’s acting, and the way that he portrayed his character. I really believed that he was a slightly insane survivor of a man-made treatment turned virus. He did the things that I would have done in his situation, and built up his life in almost the same way that I would have.

I think it’s worth seeing. If only because you can then use your imagination to fill in the blanks and make the movie better.

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