The Godfather (The Game)

I had the most incredible sense of deja vu while playing this game. I’m a huge fan of the movies, and I’ve also played through almost every GTA game there is. (Grand Theft Auto, for those not in the know)

I really liked everything about this game. I was even able to look past the small visual glitches because I liked the game so very much. The story was really well done, the addition of clips from the movie, plus in-game style scenes that made up the cut-scenes was fantastic.

Beating the crap out of everybody while wearing a suit was just an excellent topper.

I think if I would have changed anything, though, I would have made it just a touch longer. Given it just two more missions. One to become Don and one to become Don of New York.

I’d also like to know what they did to those cars to make them handle so well. I’m pretty sure that those cars in real life don’t react like that.