Eternal Sonata

Okay. So there’s this game out there called Eternal Sonata. It’s got a hell of a premise to it, namely – Chopin. The music of, the life of, etc and so on. The whole thing revolves around him. This is new in video game land. Or at least in MY video game land. I’ve never seen it done before (doesn’t mean it wasn’t, just means I didn’t play it).

The game itself is really beautiful to look at. Everything is richly detailed and the color is fantastic. A lot of time and thought was put into that portion of the game.

Not that other parts are lacking, mind.

I did enjoy playing it. I got a little frustrated here and there because I’m not used to playing Japanese RPGs, so I wasn’t aware of the fact that you do a lot of running around and leveling up, have a cut scene, do some more running around, and then have a boss. My experience with RPGs up to this point have been vastly different. I suppose I shouldn’t have really thought about it in that manner, and I would have gotten along better with the game. I certainly didn’t think of Kingdom Hearts that way, and I loved that game. Had I been thinking of it in the terms of this game, I probably would have gotten frustrated with it too.

Anyway. The only real problems I had with it were the fact that it ripped you into an entirely different spot in the story at some rather inconvenient times, leaving you to wonder why the hell you did all that work just to be unable to finish that section. Also the cutscenes themselves. Mainly, and really only, the length.

The beginning scene is something like 25 minutes long. Sometimes I forgot I was playing a video game entirely and was surprised when everything stopped, and I was left in control again. I believe more than once I stated “Oh, it’s my turn”.

All in all, the concept was good, the play was good, the colors were pretty and the ending was really fucking weird.

Apparently I’m supposed to play through it a second time. But that might have to wait. I don’t think I can do all that again right away.


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