Fable 2

In a little more than a month, Fable 2 will be resting in my hot little hands. My very soul has been burning for this game since I finished the first one in 2004. I can’t express my excitement for the release of this game.

Four years.

I have been watching all the video trailers I can get, I’ve been watching every news post for more information. It’s been a slow, and difficult, process.

This year at PAX, I got to play a demo of the game. I didn’t play it for very long, honestly. I saw it, I went over, and I picked up the controller. I stood there for a few minutes, marveling in how beautiful the game looked. Waiting to see what I would be able to do. There was some sort of media there standing next to me. Writing down things that I was saying.

Then I realized that what I was watching was the beginning of the game. I quickly let go of the controller, meeped out “It’s the beginning! I’m ruining the beginning” and ran away. I’m not sure if that was quoted anywhere, but the guy seemed amused.

As much as I wanted to play the game, I knew that if I stood there and went any further it would only deepen the need to play the game, and ruin some of the mystery for me.

From what I saw, though, waiting four years is well worth it.


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