Viva Pinata – Trouble In Paradise

I’ve determined that the entire Viva Pinata franchise was made by somebody who is determined to take over the world. In all seriousness. And they’re going to manage to succeed, too. They’re going to walk in while people are playing and say “Well, now this is all mine” and we’re going to go, as a whole, “Shhh. I just got a new resident.”

As if it wasn’t bad enough to have the original game, something that entirely consumes hours and hours of life without the player being aware of what’s going on, allowing those of us with OCD to micromanage until our hearts are content, they decided to come out with a party game. The party game wasn’t quite as time consuming, but still pretty bad because it was fun and a new interesting thing to play at parties. Unexpectedly twisted, just like the first game, and challenging enough to keep our attention.

Then, like the devils they are, they came out with a third game. Viva Pinata – Trouble in Paradise. It works like the first game with some adjustments and tweaks to the mild issues the first one had.

But they didn’t stop there, no. Waiting only one week from the release of TIP, they gave us Pocket Paradise. Yes. A Viva Pinata for the DS.

Do you see where I’m going with this? It’s a plot for world domination. A brilliant one, at that.

So far what I’ve seen of this, they’ve taken away the need to hammer out the whole plot of land with a shovel before you’re able to do anything with it, which is a good thing. I found it an annoying first step. But it was unavoidable when making a new garden, so there was very little complaint about it. They’ve also apparently taken away the need to find some place in your garden to put the crates you get from Pinata Central. Because there’s a spot for them. I’ve yet to discover if this impedes garden creation or not, because my garden is still small.

They also give you your first pinata in the new garden for free. Plus some flowers. I’m not entirely sure how I feel about this right now. I can see how it’s helpful, but it takes away that joy of attracting and getting that first visitor. But all the random stuff that gets put in does give you things to sell right off the bat if you want, so you can have a little bit of coinage.

I’m also not sure how I feel about the changes to the mating mini game. I can see why they did it of course. It’s all about the challenge. But when I’ve been up playing this game for 7 or more hours, and daylight is peeking through the top of my curtains, I’m not sure I want things to be harder. It’s probably going to be one of those things I appreciate at all times save for when my eyes are falling out of my head, on fire, because of the amount of time I’ve spent staring at the TV.

I’ve been enjoying TIP very much for the most part, though. I haven’t gotten very far, to be honest, because at the get go I recognized it for what it was and decided to set it aside so I could have control over my life for just a little while longer. I needed to be able to function for PAX, and then of course Force Unleashed and Lego Batman were coming out. But now I have time before Fable 2, so I’ll probably get back to this game, and nobody will see me for days on end. Perhaps weeks.


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