If I hadn’t had a problem with Luke Skywalker from my previous dealings with him, I would definitely have one now. As it stands, I’m starting to wonder how he’s seen as the hero of anything. How he’s the strength or power behind anything.

As I have mentioned, I’m reading Dark Force Rising (and taking so long due to so many distractions I can’t count). Within the pages of this book, I’ve seen Luke be uncertain, shakable, and at times, outright idiotic.

For example – He meets up with Joruus C’baoth for the first time, he has strange feelings about him. Doubts about him. But because C’boath is a master, Luke takes him at his word. Which is really stupid. He knows in his gut that he’s not right in some way, yet it’s all okay, because the guy’s a master (which he’s also not 100% sure about).

Then he starts to wonder if he should trust the training of Yoda and Obi-Wan or trust what C’boath is saying.

It states almost that exact string of words in the book.

I have a HUGE problem with this. WHY would anybody automatically trust some new guy who doesn’t feel right over two people who they knew well who took time to put effort into them?

It seems to me that Luke doesn’t need to be in charge of anything, and certainly nobody from the New Republic should be looking toward him for any help. On anything. Not even what they should have for lunch.


2 responses to “Luke

  1. Hey, I think Luke’s big draw is that he makes other underestimate him so easliy! ha!That and he knows a dude with a Fine space ship(the Pope is a Sith…? Wow That explains so much…)Rock on!

  2. It’s not difficult to underestimate Luke, considering that for all his training, it still takes him a whole lot of effort to just retrieve his lightsaber. Luke can’t even be cool by association. He’s so far into the negative of cool that he just draws others down with him. 😉

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