Xbox 360 and A Kingdom For Keflings

So when Xbox decided that they needed to fancy up their shit and add in this little dealy where you make your own avatar, I wasn’t entirely impressed. I’m not a big fan of change. I like things to stay they way they are most of the time. There are occasions where I can see the better side, and I’ll reluctantly go with it, eventually grow into it, whatever. But there are things that I will look at even years after the change and say “It was better before”.

I’m sort of that way with this Xbox update. I certainly don’t see why it was necessary. And I think that everything was a lot easier the way they had it before. Things were simpler to find, etc.

Unfortunately, I’ve had a pretty good time making my avatar. Also seeing those of my friends. Seeing how they see themselves, or if they just make something really random. It’s been really entertaining. So while I might have liked the ease and simplicity of how my dashboard looked before, I’m reluctantly accepting this new way.

Which leads into the game A Kingdom For Keflings. At first, I thought it was just going to be some gimmick so that they could say “Here, you can use your avatar for more than just standing there”. And that would be it. I didn’t expect it to be very good at all. The general idea of it was pretty worn out, and I wasn’t sure what they could do to make it worth my time.

Another reluctantly, I bought it. Because I had some extra points and I managed to get the games I wanted and still have some left over. I figured that it would either be mildly amusing, or I would forever curse it’s existence.

And guess what. I like it. It’s rather like Black and White mixed with Sim City. You remember Sim City. I know you do. When you built up your town and then invited Godzilla in to have a little bit of fun. I don’t think I’ll get to have Godzilla in this game, but you get my meaning. It’s definitely as addictive as Viva Pinata is. My first time playing I sat for several hours without realizing it.

The one thing I strongly dislike at this point is the music. It’s horrible. Irritating. It’s like it takes your nerves, bundles them up into a ball, and steps on them. Then sets them on fire.