Let the invasion begin!

I finally finished The Last Command, which is the last of three in the Thrawn trilogy. I really enjoyed the books, and I really enjoy Timothy Zahn’s writing quite a bit. But I’ve been getting more and more excited to move into my next set of books, which have to do with the Yuuzhan Vong.

I’ve actually been waiting to read about these guys since I was first told about them. How could I not love them?

And, as I expected, I’m not even a third into the first book, and I’m already enthralled.

More to come on the Yuuzhan Vong later. I just needed a moment to express my glee.


Fable 2: Part 3: A hidden treasure?

So, I haven’t done a whole lot of Fable 2 co-op, but I’ve done some. Admittedly, it wasn’t done with people that I feel comfortable exploring certain aspects of the game with, mostly because it’s depraved and perhaps a little disturbed of me to want to try these things.

Finally, the other day, I got a chance to play co-op with somebody who at least understands my sense of humor, if not revels alongside.

The one experiment I really wanted to try was to see if his male secondary character could be in the room while I had sex with my wife with my female character (note the sexes, please). We both thought that it wouldn’t happen at all.

Well it did.

And not only was he able to be there while the sex happened, but…


Fable 2: Part 2

It’s occurred to me that I haven’t posted anything about Fable 2 since I got it. And really, that’s a horrifying shame. I shouldn’t have ever let it go this long. It’s just not right. Of course, I’m still farting around with the game, still doing stuff, so it’s only natural for my brain to assume that I’m not completely done with it. And it would be right, really.

So. I’m just going to go about this as if everybody here has played Fable. So if you haven’t, some things might not make sense. But I’m sure we’re all smart people and will either be able to figure it out, or will figure it out AND go play Fable.

Fable 2 takes the line that Fable pushed at and goes beyond it. There were things in the first game that we saw and laughed at because they were just so close to certain ideas but never dared to toe the water to see if it would be okay to jump in. Fable 2 jumps in, then it swims around a little bit, goes off the diving board a few times. Maybe it even pees in the water. In this case, peeing in the water is a good thing. It shows just how far the creators were willing to take it.

Fable promised a free roaming map, but still only really let you go the places you needed to. Fable 2 takes away those restrictions and lets you wander into places you have no business being. And sometimes, they even reward you for wandering so far off the beaten path that you need to check your map just to see where the hell you are.

I’ve enjoyed every part of this game. From the fact that you can choose to be evil or good to the fact that you can choose to be homosexual or straight. It’s especially nice that your children reflect your alignment. Oh yeah, I didn’t mention that? You can have children.

The graphics are glorious, the music – as with the first one – is soothing and changes. The mini games can take up hours of your time. All the side quests have been enjoyable. The addition of guns was, frankly, brilliant. For those of us who like to employ the use of long-range weapons but aren’t fond of crossbows, it was a blessing. The prostitutes are also amusing, mostly the male ones. Oh, and cross dressing. I can’t forget the cross dressing.

The only thing that I would change would be the ability to upgrade the houses. In this game, instead of paying the sign outside so that you can upgrade the whole thing, you can do the furniture individually. It’s nice, but it means that you still have crappy peeling wallpaper while all of your furniture is shiny and new. It might be nice to have a manse in the slums, just so you can rub it in people’s faces and get more evil points.

Also, I wish that the children would actually follow you out of the town so that they could be sacrificed at the Temple of Shadow. I mean, if you’re going to let me take my wife there, why not my kid?