Open letter to Best Buy

Dear Best Buy,

Please stop putting those fucking ridiculously impossible to remove stickers on my dvd packaging. Seriously. I know that there are hundreds of thousands of people in the world that don’t give a shit what you do, but you have to consider everybody, don’t you? There are those, like me, who are a little bit obsessive about getting all stickers off of our packaging before we can watch what we’ve just purchased.

So I’d really like it if it didn’t take me fifteen minutes to get the sticker off of my cardboard cover. I’d also like it if said sticker didn’t leave behind residue or bits of itself. Or the tell-tale indentation of my fingernails from where I sat scraping at the bastard thing for so long that I nearly forgot I had been intending to watch a movie in the first place.

The book stores understand this concept. They know that paper and cardboard are gentle and delicate things, which must be treated with kind hands and careful consideration. They have these magic stickers that stick… but don’t. They stay right where they need to stay until the moment of purchase, when the sticker can be peeled off with terrific ease. In one piece, even.

You can’t tell us that you’re worried that somebody’s going to switch the price on you. Because that’s what UPC codes are for. If something is truly on sale, then it’s going to be in your computer. If something is not, then it’s going to ring up as the right price. If you have a customer that attempts this, then you can point out the two dozen other copies on the shelf and the fact that they all say something vastly different.

This is no yard sale, Best Buy. You have technology. You have the ability to track this shit. You do. I’ve seen it. I’ve watched it used. And it’s not like you’re using these stickers as your theft sensors, are you? No. Because those are placed INSIDE the box these days. Inside. Where the disk is. People have to be really determined to steal shit these days. The sticker isn’t going to stop them if they’re really that into it.

It’s just going to make people like me incredibly frustrated. INCREDIBLY. Please. For the love of all things obsessive and/or compulsive, change your sticker glue. Change it! It’s a small change. A cheap change. I bet the bookstores would hook you up with their supplier if you asked nice.



PS – This applies to all things, really. But in particular those things with fancy cardboard outerwear that gets ruined easy. Some of us like to keep them because they have pretty pictures on them.


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