Animal Crossing Wii

When I originally put this down on my list of things to write about here in the Nerd Blog, it was because I had seen a demo of it at PAX and wanted to talk about how much I wanted a Wii, mostly because I wanted this game.

Now I’m going to write about it because I got a Wii for Christmas, and I got (dun dun dun)THIS GAME.

I have, of course, been playing it every day since. How could I not? I am the Queen of Addicting Games. I have a knack for liking the games that will suck me in and take endless hours out of my life.

I’ve found that the differences in the game from what I’ve played with before on other Animal Crossing games (GameCube, DS) are just significant enough to keep me interested. Not that I’d actually need a whole lot in the way of differences to get me hooked and keep me playing. It’s really the general idea of the game that I love. However, adding these little things has me coming back sooner than I might have when playing. There are new items to look for. New ways of doing things. A little ghost that you get to play with and gives you things if you want them.

Plus the city.

I like the idea of Redd always being there, because you might not have the money. Though. If you just don’t have the money ON you, you can run to the ATM. Except it’s not an ATM, it’s an ABD. Automatic Bell Dispenser. Gracie’s also got her own shop there. Her stuff costs an arm and a leg, but if you’ve got that sort of money, then why not, right?

My favorite thing, so far, is the fact that I was able to buy a beak. Now I can pretend to be an animal just like everybody else is. Currently, I have on a top hat, a tuxedo, and a bird beak. I wear that beak everywhere. With everything.

So call me a nerd. I’ve already admitted that I am, haven’t I?

I’m also quite fond of the idea that I don’t have to open my pockets every time I need to switch out my tools. Of course, if I’m doing a certain thing, like fishing, I often have my tools stored in letters, so I do have to open things up anyway, but it’s the idea that if I had my tools in my pockets, I could just hit left or right and there would be a new tool in my hand! If only they would have thought to make a separate pockets thingy for the tools. Then you could just have them all there all the time. But. They didn’t.

I do miss the left, right, and back extra rooms. But I’m glad for the addition of the basement.


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