Wit’ch Fire – Finished

Sometimes, all it takes is a good little rant to push aside the little tiny things that annoy you so that you can become entranced with a story. Luckily, that’s all I needed with Wit’ch Fire.

I’m still bothered by the apostrophes in the common words, but not as much as I was. It didn’t halt my progress as badly, and once the story really got flowing, I hardly noticed.

I actually ended up liking the story enough to put the other books on my to-buy-used reading list. Hopefully they can keep my attention as much as this one eventually did, so that I don’t have to come back here and reiterate my loathing of certain things.

And just for your information: It’s always good to read a non-fantasy between fantasy series. Otherwise your brain will try to uproot information from the other books and try to implant them in the current ones.

Or that could just be me.