Welcome To The Dollhouse

Fuck. Talk about showing my goddamned age. Once upon a time there was this goddamned movie. I don’t think it even went into theaters, and I don’t know how I discovered it. I just know that I was completely obsessed with it. It wasn’t easy to find, and I wanted to own it, but it ended up that I just had to rent it a lot. (Once upon a time, DVDs didn’t exist) Now? I have no memory of why I was so obsessed.

Maybe I’m just a fan of these types of awkward movies because this is just how I felt through the entire first 10 years of school. maybe I see me in them and I for some reason feel like reliving the excruciating pain.

I’ve definitely grown past the obsession stage, but it’s still a pretty well done story. I still definitely enjoyed it. It’s fucked up, definitely. It may go far beyond fucked up. Especially the dream sequence. The fact that it was one of the few movies I had ever encountered that didn’t have the wrapped up nicely happy ending that I was so sick of at the time likely was a really big attracter for me. I went through this phase where I actively sought out movies that ended badly or with the bad guy winning at the end. I was sure they were out there, and I was sick of happy endings.

All I know is that at really random points in my life the main title song will pop into my head.

I didn’t even remember the plot until almost halfway through. Which is odd, considering how many times I’m sure I watched it.

I don’t know if you have to be a social outcast to enjoy this movie, but I think it might help.


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