Deliverance – Request

Tata tang tang tang tang tangtang tang…

Even if you’ve never actually seen the movie, you know the song. You know it even if you don’t think that you do. It’s been referenced in countless media since this movie came out in 1972. It’s called Dueling Banjos. Mentioned the banjos and it pricked something in your brain, didn’t it?

There’s another thing you might recognize that you didn’t know came from this movie. A nice little line that can send goosebumps across the flesh of many men:

“Squeal like a pig”

Oh yes.

Burt Reynolds plays the most aggressive and bad ass tree hugging hippie that has ever existed on this planet. His friends are less than knowledgeable and capable than he is, so they don’t really fare so well when the shit flies. They’re not sure how to stop bad things from happening, and are a little too talky for their own good. Find themselves in a world of trouble, and it just keeps getting worse.

But when you’ve got a guy who can hunt fish – yes, hunt, with a bow – there’s not a whole lot you have to worry about, right?


Just when it seems like things are going to be okay, he unfortunately breaks his leg and turns into a giant whiny bitch. He really stops being useful in any way, and keeps making faces as if somebody has run over his puppy AND his grandmother.

This is one of those iconic movies that everybody should see once, just so you can say you saw it. I don’t think it’s culturally significant in any way, but it’s a hell of a thing to observe. It’s the sort of experience that won’t happen anywhere else, with any other movie. One of those movies that people try to lie about having seen, and it doesn’t work, because the lie is just too obvious.

Now that I’ve seen it twice in my life, I think I’m good. There’s no way that I can forget parts of it now, no sir. Firmly set in my brain, it is.


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