The Haunting Of Molly Hartley

While I don’t feel as if I wasted precious minutes of my life by watching this movie, it certainly isn’t one that has made any huge impact in my life. Seeing it, not seeing it, doesn’t really matter. It made absolutely no mark on my being.

Complaint One: You can’t be baptized by some random girl from school. I think that’s common enough knowledge, even for people that weren’t involved in religion in any way. So why the hell would anyone wander into an empty church and follow said random girl into a baptismal? Cause she’s obviously going to try and drown your ass.

Complaint Two: The girl, Molly, is entirely too skittish. Yes, being stabbed by your mother with a pair of scissors is a traumatic event, but jumping five feet in the air when a dog barks at you from the other side of a secure fence and shitting yourself when the mail drops on the floor in your house? A little too much. I get that they want her to be Average Girl, but come on. Molly’s terrified by her own hair.

The ending of this movie is complete crap, by the way. It feels as if they left it open intentionally for a sequel. Which makes it feel like they should have just made it into a television show. That way they could just flounce on with their story as long as they wanted.

Not a whole lot is explained about things either. If you’re into this genre of movie normally, you can kind of piece things together, but you have to be really knowledgeable. Certain characters are just abandoned after a time, too. They have these fairly big roles or big scenes and then… you just don’t see them anymore. There’s an added issue with keeping people’s personalities straight. One girl in particular flip flops in her personality so much that she may well have begun her fictional life as two different characters, then they couldn’t cast the other, and smooshed the two together.

Don’t even bother with this movie. I guess it’s kind of like a reworked Omen or maybe Rosemary’s Baby. And they didn’t do it right. Not even close. At least in those you got to see the creepy shit that went on with the kid. They kind of just implied it there toward the end in a super vague way. In real life, what she achieved at school could easily be done with studying and focus, nobody needs the devil to do well in school. Especially when they were a 4.0 in their previous school. Crap. All of it. Crap.

Not entirely sure why it was listed as horror. They didn’t even explore the premise enough for it to qualify.


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