It occurred to me the other day that despite the fact that I feel like I’ve read a thousand pounds worth of Stephen King novels, I’ve really not read that many of them. The older ones are really the ones that I’m missing, which meant that I was sort of feeling out of the loop a little bit.

Not long ago I re-read Christine, and it sort of put me in the mood for more King. So I recently picked up It and Firestarter at the used book store.

I’m not quite sure why I keep insisting on getting his books in hard back. I think every single King book that I have is hard back. No, wait. Night Shift is not. Okay, so the majority of them are hard back. This is killing me. They’re so effing heavy. They’d be heavy as paper backs. But nooo. My stupid ass keeps getting them with fourteen extra pounds on them.

Makes it really hard to read a book in the bath tub when you need something solid to prop it up on so you don’t break your wrists.

Should hint at you that I’m reading It first.

I’ve seen not It in movie form. How could I not? I’ve had a giant crush on Tim Curry for a really really long time. IT just never happened (ha!) I just know he’s hella creepy in the movie. So maybe I should see if I can get it streamed on Netflix.

The book jumps pretty quickly into the good stuff, though. I’m only about 150 pages in, which would be significant in a normal book, but isn’t even a tenth of this book.


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