Dinosaurus! – Request

I kind of figured I was going to dig this movie during the opening credits.

First there’s really big music the whole first part, and when you think it can’t possibly get any bigger:

O…. and so on until you’ve got Dinosaurus written across the whole screen in squiggly yellow letters, then an extra big
That’s right. There’s an exclamation point in the title. Proof that the movie is going to be unlike anything you have ever seen before!

The beauty of movies like these isn’t that they’re perfect. It’s all the imperfections that make it wonderful. Like the abnormally slow talking island Mexicans. Or the head island Mexican who speaks in a French accent. The wonderfully drunk Irishman who talks to the dinosaurs. The extremely random steel drum band with Jamacan flag colors painted on the drums and the only black guy on the whole island. By the way, I’m pretty sure he was also supposed to be Mexican.

I did quite enjoy the fact that nobody seemed particularly upset that the dinosaurs got up and ran around. Everyone was level headed and thinking correctly. Everyone knew just what to do to be safe, and not one person stood there like an asshole staring at the dinosaurs while they ate him. Which is how I think it would go in real life.

You’ve got awfully pointy teeth for an herbivore, Mr Brontosaurus.

This movie is fantastic in it’s absurdity. I very much enjoyed watching it. Sometimes camp can be a wonderful thing, and when that happens, there’s a certain magic…

Whatever. Just find this movie. And watch it. And giggle along at the caveman when he tries on a dress.


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