I keep hearing everybody say that they really love this show, Weeds. It’s the best thing ever, it’s so funny, lalala. I’ve heard it from people who have the same tastes as me and people who I usually don’t agree with. So I figured that I had to watch it at some point.

I notice on Netflix that I can stream the first season right to my Xbox, so I figure that now’s as good at time as any to see what all the hype is about.

For those that don’t know, Weeds is about a suburban housewife who decides to sell pot after her husband dies and leaves her without anything but a giant house, two kids, a maid and a fancy SUV.

I’m a little lost on the “Left her nothing” part, because they don’t explain that very well from what I’ve seen, unless I was just spacing out when they said it – which is possible. They were well off enough to have expensive things, so why doesn’t he have some kind of life insurance? Why doesn’t she remain well off when he dies?

In any case, she sells the pot and she’s pretty good at it, but she’s pretty ignorant in the ways of the real world and the world of drug dealing. So the show follows her mishaps and everything that goes on in her life. Her two sons have some issues, her youngest acts out in pretty amusing ways, the oldest is a pretty typical 16 year old in my opinion.

Then her brother moves in, and he’s just another bunch of trouble.

The show has a lot of potential. I can see where the concept was interesting. I can see where they were trying to go with it. I can see the big plans that were brewing in their heads when they came up with everything and started writing out scripts.

But it’s missing something. I don’t know what it is, but it’s certainly not there. It sort of feels like it all falls just short of the potential. It builds up and it almost gets there, but then it gives up trying and settles for what it is.

It’s got some pretty amusing parts. Some really funny lines. It’s not a horrible show, by any means. It’s just, for me, a little bit dull. I don’t mind watching it, and I wouldn’t mind watching it again with somebody else, but I have no need to own it, and I don’t find myself getting excited about the next episode like I do other shows. It’s more like “Oh, there’s another one. Okay.”

I’m going to watch the second season because I just found it on Netflix to stream, I’m going to watch to see if it gets any better, any more interesting. Give it a second chance. But that’s all it’s getting. If the second season hits me like the first season has, then I’m going to be forced to give up trying.


One response to “Weeds

  1. It wasn't that she was left with “nothing” but as a housewife she couldn't continue to live in a giant house in the suburbs. The insurance wasn't enough. And the show does get much better, and much more complicated. The latest season was my favorite by far.

    Stick with it if you can stand it. The show only gets better and better.

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