This was supposed to be some massively controversial flick because Dakota Fanning plays the victim of a rape during it. While that’s really a horrible thing to go through, you don’t see anything, really. You see her and blackness. You hear sounds. She’s screaming. The rape is thusly implied.

But it’s really not enough to get your panties in a bunch for.

Not exactly sure why I watched this movie. Maybe I was hoping it would bore me to sleep. Unfortunately, it didn’t. And just when the thing had potential to get interesting, it ended.

I was never a huge Dakota Fanning fan, and this film didn’t do anything to raise my opinion of her in any way. Her acting was bad. Whoever directed her did a bad job. The story was really boring. Boring story just amplified bad acting.

Then on top of it all, they butcher the shit out of Elvis over and over and over and over and over, until you can hardly remember what his song sounds like coming out of his mouth.

This certainly was a waste of time.


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