And sometimes judging by the cover of something just doesn’t work out for you.

Between the half assed description from Netflix and the cover of this movie, I think I didn’t really stand a chance here. It was all stacked up against me from the get go. I, for one, would really like to know who is responsible for these movie descriptions, because they’re not accurate, they’re not telling. They’re not helpful at all.

The IMDB synopsis is: A drama set in the Mississippi delta, where one man’s suicide affects three people’s lives.

The Netflix synopsis is: In a small Mississippi Delta township, one of the poorest places in the rich nation of America, a single mother struggles to provide for herself and her son. Their fragile lives are tragically ripped apart when an extreme act of violence occurs.

In much fewer words, the IMDB description more fully illustrates what is going on in this film. In reading that, I wouldn’t have picked this movie to watch. It’s not something that would have interested me so much. I mean, it sounds fine, but I really wasn’t in the mood for any sort of family drama type movie.

The words that got me into this were “Extreme act of violence”. When you tell me that there’s going to be an extreme act of violence, I damn well expect there to be a motherfucking extreme act of violence. Oh, there was violence, don’t get me wrong. But a kid getting hit some, a guy shooting himself in the chest, and a very brief and ineffectual attack on mother and son where all they do is chase them out of the car into a field…

Not extreme violence.

I sort of expected this at the very least to be hard hitting and poignant. A very… stark sort of reality piece. That is not what I got. I can’t even really say that the catalyst for this entire movie – the suicide – was all that turbulent. I just didn’t feel any emotion from the actors. I knew what they were supposed to be going through, what they were supposed to be feeling, but I just… it didn’t come through. It sort of felt like they were all incredibly bored with the whole thing.

Almost the entire first portion of the movie is people driving around. Not to really interesting places, either. Just sort of … back and forth. Going home. La di da. There’s no reason for it at all. Every single driving-to-a-place scene could have been completely left out of the movie and I STILL would have gotten the idea that they went to some other place. You know why? Scenery. Yes. I am attentive. I don’t need it to be pointed out to me that the little boy went to a crack den. Because the crack den does not look like his mother’s house. At all.

The last thing that really bugged me about this movie is just the general way that it was cut together. The editor did a really shitty job of making the story flow well. It’s choppy. It’s dragging. It’s just not… not good.

Okay, one more thing: The ending. What the fuck is with that? Just dropping off out of nowhere? You give me this really long ass story about this kid and all of a sudden right when something mildly interesting happens, you’re just going to stop?

Yeah. I might be a little pissed off at this movie.


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