Okay, so Fido is the most deranged episode of Lassie ever. Complete with a kid named Timmy and abject life lessons for us all.

Of course, I’m pretty sure that in Lassie, Timmy’s mom never fell for the dog. Which is not really the only glaring difference between Fido and Lassie, but it’s certainly pretty significant.

It really astounds me how close to Lassie this movie is. I’m sure it couldn’t be a complete accident. Maybe it started out unintentional, but it sure had intention by the end.

I also enjoyed the subtle shift in the mom that takes place for the entire length of the movie. Going from perfect little wife concerned with what’s normal and what she should do for her husband to strong, independent woman. The dad is pretty spectacular, too, though. With his ignoring of feelings.

“You have to get over that.”
“Get over what?”
“Feelings. Feeling’s not… important.”

Even as an avid zombie story lover, it’s hard to know when things are going to turn out well and when they’re going to go horribly wrong. It’s kind of an at-your-own-risk genre. You go into things not knowing if you’re going to enjoy it, but maybe that’s part of the allure.

All in all, Fido did a very good job of keeping me amused and entertained. Also – impressed. There were some fairly big names involved in the film, and everybody was well suited to their parts.

So far I’ve got to say that the zombie comedies really live up to their potential. I can’t think of one that I’ve been disappointed with.
That’s a notable record, since the zombie genre as a whole has some real doozies. Movies that are only good for their campiness, things that must be watched with friends to retain any value in a collection.

I think my favorite part of the whole movie is the smoking. We learn that zombies don’t have to eat or drink normal foods, but they can. We also learn that Fido was a smoker in life, and that his craving has carried over into his un-life.
It’s nothing huge, just a little thing that amuses me a great deal.


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