The Boy In The Striped Pajamas

It’s not the fastest paced movie I’ve ever watched, but it’s not as long as Schindler’s List.

Very powerful movie. Very moving movie. But oh my god depressing as well. OMGDEPRESSING.

Not that I really expected it to be otherwise. Even the most lighthearted of the Nazis VS Jews movies end up being really fucking depressing by the end of it. And this one didn’t even start out particularly fun.

So I knew what I was going into, but you still just can’t be ready for some things. Some things still kick you while you’re down. This movie kicks you in the face while you’re down. Kind of laughs at you while you squirm in pain and then kicks you again.

It’s a good movie. A good one to watch. I don’t know if I’d own it. If I did, it’d go into the pile of things that I own that I can only watch once every couple of months because they’re so horribly depressing. But I can’t say honestly right now if I would go seeking this one out. I don’t know if it has any re-watch-ability. It might be a one shot flick.

Even Schindler’s List gets watched at least once a year.


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