I’ve moved from blogspot (same blog name, different blog channel) because… well. Because. This seems to get more traffic, and less spam. Plus there’s a way to filter spam comments, so I don’t even have to deal with them being on my posts at all.

Which is nice.

All of the posts from blogspot were transferred over, with the comments in tact. I think this is pretty amazing. I had the help of a wonderful person named Sheri, who went above and beyond to make sure all my content was moved, and done correctly. I really can’t thank her enough for everything that she did to assist.

I have not yet decided if I will find a way to crosspost to the old blog, or just keep it all here. Opinions on the matter are more than welcome. The layout is fairly the same in appearance here, as I was pretty pleased with what I came up with. It might be more streamlined and fancier, but it’s basically the same idea.

I will still take requests, I will – actually. Nothing else is changing.


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