Raptr’s new… whatever.

I’m completely serious when I ask – what the hell is with the way that Raptr works now? I am completely befuddled. This makes absolutely no sense to me. There doesn’t seem to be logic there. If there is logic there, I would like to know about it.

Does Raptr get something out of making people download and run a desktop app to get all their achievements run through? Is there some kind of partnership with some company out there? Something hidden within the desktop app itself that counts how many times you use it, thus getting them revenue? Is there some secret benefit to having this desktop app that I’m just not seeing? I would think that having to connect through two different places would make the burden heavier on Raptr, not lighter. And you can’t tell me that people who are using the app immediately dislodged their machines from the web-based account, since I am pretty sure that you can’t do that, just have all the info on the app and not the website. And if it can be done, show me 10 people who have actually done it. That means that the Raptr website and the Raptr app are pulling the information through the aether to display to the world.

I signed up with Raptr to share with people the shit that I’m playing and so that I could see what my friends are playing. I like to compare achievements and some of the people on my Raptr list aren’t on my XBL list, so the only way I have of seeing what they’re up to is Raptr. This may seem a bit stalkery, since I don’t generally play multiplayer games. And maybe it is. I just like to watch, okay?

But now, like half my achievements don’t show up unless I run that stupid app. Or leave it running. Since I don’t do any kind of PC gaming, I see no reason for it to always be on. And I’ve just discovered that there’s not a version of this desktop app for Apple machines.

So if you’re going to force people to use this app in order to see all of their achievements, and so their friends can see all of them, why don’t you have something compatible with MacBooks or whatever? How does that make sense? These people literally cannot have their correct information displayed on their profiles because there is no way for them to do it unless they want to manually input all of the details themselves. And who the fuck wants to do that? Nobody.



I would like a very clear, very descriptive answer to these questions: Why? What is the point? Where is the benefit? (Not just the benefit to US, but also the benefit for RAPTR.)


2 responses to “Raptr’s new… whatever.

  1. The reason that the Raptr Desktop App is required to scan for secret Xbox achievements, dates back a few years.

    Raptr does most achievement scanning with its own servers, because, as you said, most people couldn’t be fudged to enter in their own data. That’s always been one of the compelling reasons behind Raptr: it’s automatic.

    Raptr used to be able to scan for secret Xbox achievements on its own, with no desktop app help. It loads up your achievement page on xbox.com, like a normal user. While it sees what a normal user would see, the achievement titled “Secret Achievement” and the [?] image, it was able to identify which secret achievement was which, and accounted for it accordingly.

    One day, this disappeared. Xbox updated their website, and Raptr was no longer able to tell which secret achievement was which. So Raptr was forced to stop scanning for secret acheievements altogether.

    But, Raptr’s Xbox users made it clear that not having secret achievements scanned at all was not ideal at all.

    So, the solution Raptr took, was to overhaul their entire Xbox achievement scanning system, making the Raptr Desktop App able to scan achievements for individual users on its own in the process. This also allowed the desktop app to provide some features that are only possible because it accesses Xbox on your behalf: one of which is being able to show you when your Xbox friends are online and playing.

    Is the current feature set ideal? Probably not. Have some of the circumstances that led to this development changed? Definitely so. Raptr can definitely even further improve its feature offerings. However, all development comes at a cost. But…who knows what future holds for Raptr?

    I hope this short insight into the features you are questioning proves useful to you. Feel free to leave further feedback with Raptr, we’d love to hear it.

    Raptr Software Engineer

    • That is actually really awesome and concise. I had no idea that Xbox had changed anything. Thank you for taking time out of your day to let me know what was behind it all. Like I said, it honestly just baffled me.

      Your reply is exactly what I was looking for when I posted this.

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