I recently got Mrs Frisby and the Rats of NIMH, because I haven’t ever read it. I’ve watched the movie quite a bit. It is, in fact, still one of my favorites. So I thought it was about time to read the book and discover the source of my joy.

The book is really good, don’t get me wrong. It hasn’t changed my opinion of the movie, either, don’t worry. I’m just a little confused on how things became so glaringly different between the two. They’re like two entirely different species of animal. I’d be comfortable in saying that one of them is a bird and the other a mammal of some sort.

I really wasn’t expecting to get an entirely different story. I really really wasn’t. I was excited to see how they got more into depth with certain things, and thought maybe one or two things might be replaced. But the whole freaking story? Damn.

I can’t even tell people to just treat it as two different entities, because it is two different entities and there’s no real way to compare them. I can’t really sit down and make a list of the similarities and differences because… well… it just doesn’t work.

Like I said before, though, I don’t hate either work. I very much enjoyed the book. I love the movie. I’m just a little startled.


Viva Pinata: Pocket Paradise OR Holy Hell, Where Did My Life Go?

I am now officially the owner of every version of the Viva Pinata games that exist at this time. I’m actually quite surprised that being in possession of these games, I still find time to breathe and blink.

When I saw the DS version sitting in the bargain bin for 14 dollars, I really couldn’t pass it up. Not since I adore the other games and have actually been wanting this one since it came out.

I did get it thinking that it would be a scaled down version of the 360 games. That it wouldn’t be such a time suck. That I would be able to run through it for a couple minutes and then put it down and read the book I’m currently in the middle of.


It is a miniature version of the game. But not so much. It might be miniature only in the sense that it is physically smaller than the other versions. From all I can tell the tools and menus have been simplified, but it’s just as much an Obsessive-Compulsive’s dream. You micromanage everything, just as you do in the bigger games. You have to do everything just like those other games. EVERYTHING.

I’m so amazed that so much information can go onto such a little tiny thing.

When I opened the manual, which I do more out of looking at pictures than figuring out gameplay (cause it’s just so much easier to do that WHILE playing, in my opinion), I got the impression that there were only a couple of pinata in this game, period. That these were the ones that you were going to work with, these – the most popular for kids.


The ones they talk about in the manual, that I just looked at the pictures of and didn’t read any of the text? Yeah, they’re just the ones that teach you how to do shit. You still have to start from the worms and go up.

It’s absolutely insane. Completely unfathomable.

It’s not right, I tell you.

I have previously stated that I believed the Viva Pinata creators were masking their plot for world domination, and now I have to further emphasize my point. These games are meant to distract us while they just waltz in and sit down in the Seat Of Power and control everything. Cause we’ll just be sitting there, playing our various Pinata games, cursing at the goddamned hippo to just eat the fucking plant and be a resident already to even notice that somebody is hijacking our lives. Not that we’ll care, of course. Because they will continue to supply us with Pinata games to sate our needs.

I for one welcome our new Pinata overlords.

Heavy Metal

Sometimes you can’t go back, and sometimes, even if you can, you shouldn’t. You should just hold in your memory the way things were way back when. There should be no attempt to reclaim youth, or fond memories.

Becomes sometimes those memories fall short.

If I ever needed a clear example of that, I could find it easily in Heavy Metal. Some things can stand the test of time, others make you wonder what the hell you were thinking. Heavy Metal kind of makes me sad to have watched it again. When I was younger, I remember I thought this was one of the best things I’d ever seen. I even remember the magazine of the same name.

I have to believe, now that I’m significantly older than the last time I saw this, that the entire purpose to the movie – and magazine – was the boobs. Perhaps the violence, too. Back then, this must have been one of the goriest things ever. Outside of those two things? I suppose the art is okay, despite some of the characters being ridiculously misproportioned. Funny enough, it’s not just the women. At the start there’s this guy running around with a torso twice as big as the rest of his body.

The last chick in the whole story, the so-called badass? She seems to be less of a badass and more of the “ideal woman”. She’s strong. She’s got HUGE breasts. Long flowing hair. She got make-up tips from The Misfits (oh, not the real life band, the all girl band from Jem). She’s dangerous. Also? She never says a single word! That’s right boys, everything you’ve ever wanted in a girl. Can kick your ass, but can’t tell anybody about it. For some unknown reason.

Really, should have left this one in the past. Where it belongs. So destroyed what was once a nice childhood memory. Take my advice, and leave it the hell alone.

Also – extra slow motion in cartoons is ridiculous. It just leaves things feeling sluggish.

Care Bears Movie II – Request

Ah, how I wish I were joking. No. It was requested, and I did indeed watch it. It’s not the cartoon aspect of the movie that I’m ashamed of, I’m fond of cartoons and cartoon movies. Nor is it really the Care Bears themselves, they’re a good bunch. A little too happy for my current state of mind, maybe. It’s the music where I feel the shame and agony. Music like that should be outlawed.

There’s also the fact that I know this was requested maliciously. It was not intended for my enjoyment. It was not thought ‘Maybe she hasn’t seen this, I think she will like it’. The requester did not wish to see my thoughts on it. They did it to bring me pain. Well, HA! I’m going to do an actual review. So, eat it!

Let me first welcome you to the cartoon art style of my childhood. Where we didn’t have thick lines and cell shading, where nothing is boxy and a little strange to the eye. Where things look soft when they should and nobody tried to animate every syllable of a word.

In this movie, we find out that it’s not just Care Bears, but also Care Bear Cousins. These cousins are animals of various species and unlike the bears tend to have “heart” in their names more often than not.
We also get to see the origins of these strangely happy and loving creatures, and their Very First Earth Mission. Yes, very important it was, too.

As it typically was in my childhood, when the bad guy is defeated he’s converted into a good guy. You see, I lived in a generation where nobody ever really died. Either they went away, sometimes trying their hand at evil again when their pride was healed, or they became good. Let me remind you that I come from the generation that was told that we emulated TV too much. It’s obviously not an accurate accusation, as I very rarely see anybody running around with colorful images painted on their tummies and doing random acts of kindness.

I watched the cartoon on TV. Yes, there really was one. Plus Thundercats, My Little Pony, He-Man and She-Ra, Smurfs, Snorks. The new cartoons of today will never match up to what I grew up with, mostly because they didn’t treat us like idiots. I’m big on that. There were big words and serious topics. Plus I think they were longer. Less commercials. Plus they spawned a lot of toys. A LOT of toys.

I really think this – and the other Care Bears Movie – are ones that kids today should watch. It’s well done all around – except the music – and there’s just something magical about the whole thing.

I really had fun watching it again. And thinking about all those Care Bear toys I used to have when I was younger.