BioShock (oops)

It’s been a while since anybody played BioShock for the first time, I know. I’m behind in some areas of gaming like nobody’s business. I have a stack of games (that’s going to be it’s own post) that I have yet to touch and some of them are ancient in the terms of game life.

BioShock is one of them, and I’ve been finally playing it. Thanks to a friend, I managed to finally find it at a price that I could afford and when I actually had money. (I’ve been having this issue where every time I found this game for sale, it was more than I was willing to pay, or I didn’t have money to purchase it.) And I am enjoying it. Now, I did get to play a teeny bit a long time ago, but I didn’t get very far at all. Like most games I only get to play a little of, I’ve been itching to finish it off since.

My oops comes in to play with the Little Sisters. I really, really intended to save them all, no matter the personal cost. I did. I wanted to see what the special prize was at the end for saving all of them. I really liked the doctor who was encouraging me to save them, and wanted to be on her good side.

I saved one.

Then came the next one. Accidentally or instinctively, I harvested her. Same goes for the one after that. I gave it one more try, and harvest I did. Which, at that point, I realized was what was going to happen for the rest of the game. No need to try to save them all now, was there? I’d already ruined it with the doc.

I think it really goes to show that I’m brutal by nature. Evil to the core of me. I just cannot for the life of me be good without a whole hell of a lot of effort. And sometimes, it’s just not worth that effort.

At least in a first playthrough.