The Force Unleashed II

I know a lot of people who have played this game and found it to be disappointing. I have heard plenty of complaints about the story and the gameplay, that they were haphazard the both of them.

I, however, very much enjoyed playing the Secret Apprentice again. I thought the story made sense, and I thought that it was very interestingly played out. I didn’t have any issues at all with the game itself.

Of course, there may be some that argue that this is due to my overwhelming love for Star Wars. But I can assure you, there are things within the Star Wars universe that I don’t enjoy. Like the first two prequel movies. And as a gamer, I wouldn’t say that I enjoyed a game if I only liked the concept of it. I play video games because I think they’re fun. If a game is not fun, I put it down. I have done this a couple of times, though for the most part I’ve been pretty good at picking stuff that I enjoy very much.

So yes, I genuinely enjoyed having Starkiller brought back, and I think that they made it so it could happen again. Both endings for Force Unleashed II open things up to another game. Which was something I was concerned about going in, since Force Unleashed didn’t exactly leave room for that. I didn’t know how they were going to pull off explaining how a second game could happen. But I’m satisfied with what they did.

I’m also happy with the mild changes in control of force powers and leveling them up.

On top of really loving this game, the fact that it’s Star Wars and the game itself, I also gained an added bonus for it while playing. I broached 20,000 gamer points with it.


Losing A Limb In The Star Wars Universe

Anakin Skywalker loses his hand. Luke Skywalker loses his hand. Tomcat loses his hand.

I’ve just finished Darth Bane: Rule Of Two, and it occurred to me that if you’re living in the Star Wars Universe, it doesn’t entirely matter what happens to you, as long as you’ve got a brain to hook up, they can make you a full new body. They practically do for Vader.

Kind of makes you wonder why they’re not a little more lackluster in their fighting. I mean, I get it, having your hand cut off has to hurt like a bitch, but it’s not like you’ve totally lost all use of it, is it? They’ll just take you to a Bacta tank, heal you up, and slap you with a new one. And the new one will be better. I bet you could fix up a new hand with all kinds of cool shit.

There’s a point where Luke uses his new hand to short out some wiring. I think his new hand might also have the ability to tap into networks. Possibly do stunts on show ponies.

What I’m trying to get at here is that while you might get freaked out every once in a while when you wake up and there’s this big metal THING hanging off your arm, eventually you’re going to get used to it. You could even have different attachments, ala Captain Hook.

Going down to the root of things, what is it with George Lucas and the missing hand? Is there something behind it that he’s not telling us? Is it his worst fear? Is it a secret kink? Or am I looking too deep and he just does it because robot hands are really fucking cool?

I know there’s a Vader-themed issue of … Rolling Stone… I think it is… out there somewhere. I wonder if that talks about the hands. Don’t ask me why I don’t already have it. I couldn’t tell you.

Let the invasion begin!

I finally finished The Last Command, which is the last of three in the Thrawn trilogy. I really enjoyed the books, and I really enjoy Timothy Zahn’s writing quite a bit. But I’ve been getting more and more excited to move into my next set of books, which have to do with the Yuuzhan Vong.

I’ve actually been waiting to read about these guys since I was first told about them. How could I not love them?

And, as I expected, I’m not even a third into the first book, and I’m already enthralled.

More to come on the Yuuzhan Vong later. I just needed a moment to express my glee.


If I hadn’t had a problem with Luke Skywalker from my previous dealings with him, I would definitely have one now. As it stands, I’m starting to wonder how he’s seen as the hero of anything. How he’s the strength or power behind anything.

As I have mentioned, I’m reading Dark Force Rising (and taking so long due to so many distractions I can’t count). Within the pages of this book, I’ve seen Luke be uncertain, shakable, and at times, outright idiotic.

For example – He meets up with Joruus C’baoth for the first time, he has strange feelings about him. Doubts about him. But because C’boath is a master, Luke takes him at his word. Which is really stupid. He knows in his gut that he’s not right in some way, yet it’s all okay, because the guy’s a master (which he’s also not 100% sure about).

Then he starts to wonder if he should trust the training of Yoda and Obi-Wan or trust what C’boath is saying.

It states almost that exact string of words in the book.

I have a HUGE problem with this. WHY would anybody automatically trust some new guy who doesn’t feel right over two people who they knew well who took time to put effort into them?

It seems to me that Luke doesn’t need to be in charge of anything, and certainly nobody from the New Republic should be looking toward him for any help. On anything. Not even what they should have for lunch.

Nice changes

It’s nice to see that Luke Skywalker isn’t such a whiny bitch in these later stories. One thing that really put me off of him initially was that. He wasn’t really what I would consider a strong character. He had detail and all that, was built up well, but he wasn’t strong as a character. He was weak. And complained too much.

I like that he’s grown out of it.

I still don’t like him though.