The Tudors (Completed)

Netflix got the rest of the Tudors for streaming, and I decided I wanted to watch it. The sad thing here is that I didn’t remember at all that I’d already seen the first two seasons. I completely blanked all of it.

Then when I started to watch, all the episodes of those seasons were at 99% watched. I was a little confused. Even sadder is the fact that I made a whole post about how much I loved the goddamned show.

I have no idea how I managed to forget it completely. I just don’t. Luckily, all it took was rewatching the final episode of season two and it all came back to me. It was like I was an amnesia victim who had triggered the release of information to bring me up to speed on my own life.

Anyway. I did enjoy the rest of it as much as I loved the first two seasons. I found myself more infatuated with certain characters than I was previously, and still quite envious of the way the women dressed. I don’t care what anybody says, if I can ever afford it, I’m going to have a whole wardrobe made in that style, and then I’m going to wear the dresses all the time. All. The. Time. Even to the grocery.

I was pleased that Jonathan Rhys Meyers held up his end of things perfectly to the end. I was happy to see some characters die. And I was only mildly perturbed at the actress choice for the last wife. I just don’t like her as an actress, though.

There are very few shows that have a definite ending, and it’s kind of nice to have everything all wrapped up neatly. Most shows get cancelled before they have a chance to decide how the story should flow, and have to rush to get it to a point where people won’t have to wonder. Of course, sometimes shows just get cut off and you don’t get anything even close to an ending. Not that I want all my shows to have a pre-imagined end point.

It’s rare for me to find a show that does end and I’ve liked it all the way through. Arrested Development is one, and I hold all shows to that kind of standard. The Tudors Arrested Development standard, I think I’ll call it from now on. The Arrested Tudors Development standard… Arrested Development Tudors standard…

Anyway. Start to end, I adored the Tudors. Very rich in imagery, very factual (though I’m sure some things were fudged, but without Henry the VIII standing there telling you the story, it’s hard to know every single tiny detail).


Surrogates – Yet another badly recieved robot future movie

I have a theory.

The theory is this: This generation grew up watching things like Small Wonder and Star Trek (where we saw Data) and various other things that implanted in our brains that the future was in androids, robots, cyborgs and the like. We have felt for the longest time that these things would be wonderful, they would be fabulous, and nothing would go wrong.

Despite the many books on the subject, we as a generation (and those that come after us), do not want to see the potential ills of relying on these things too much. That they might be evil, or we might be making the wrong choice. That we could possibly lose ourselves as humans to the machines.

I encountered this similar distaste for the humans in Wall-e. Probably for similar reasons. In that movie, we are given ever convenience, and we become fat, weak and small boned. Incapable of carrying ourselves on our own two feet. Reliant on machines to do everything for us. Everything. Including brushing our teeth.

The electronic age has brought in many fancy and fascinating things. Ten years ago, who would have thought that our cell phones could do all they do now? Who would have really given pause to the idea of reading books on eReaders on a regular basis, and that they would be available to Every Man? We have these fantastic computers and MP3 players and we don’t even give it a moments thought. The majority of the world is now run by computers. Many human fail safes have been pushed aside because for some reason we think that computers are infallible. We blame every mistake on human error.

Well, yes. But who made the machines? Who fixes the machines? Who keeps them clean and upgrades them and spills their coffee on them in the morning? The backup plan for important files is no longer to have a hard copy. It is to rely on other machines to keep track of them. Online storage spaces. External hard drives. And what if those all fail?

It leads me to think that this world is not ready to see the potential problems with putting all our eggs in the electronics basket. Just consider a moment everything that you own, how much you rely on it, and how much you take it for granted. Just… a moment. Look around. Think. I’m sure you’ll find at least one thing there that if it failed, really failed, you’d be fucked. Because you weren’t thinking, and now it’s dead and everything that was on it is gone. Maybe it’s not a huge thing, just music files. Just computer games. But how pissed would you be?

I, Robot didn’t do well. The robots in that eventually turn on us. They gain too much intelligence and refuse to be our slaves anymore. I feel that people don’t want to believe that can happen. Personally, I wouldn’t be surprised if my computer called me an asshole in ten minutes. I might shit myself, but I wouldn’t be surprised.

A.I. didn’t do well. In that, we watch a couples’ life fall apart. They turn to a machine to fill their void. And what do they do when the void is lifted? They abandon the machine. Again, people don’t want to consider this possibility. Yet we do it all the time. What do you do when your old computer bites it? When it becomes old tech? You toss it, without thinking. You get your files and send the poor little thing away without a second thought. You’ve gotten what you need out of it, what does it matter? It’s only a machine, after all. Is it?

Surrogates didn’t do well. In this, we just give up on being human completely. We put ourselves into fake bodies and do things that we wouldn’t be able to do in our flesh because our flesh is breakable. They get shot on purpose, jump off bridges. Have unprotected sex. The world is a pseudo-utopia. We think everything is perfect. Except for that one small contingent that is convinced that walking around all the time in an artificial exoskeleton is an abomination. Then they turn out to be right. Thinking, feeling, being is more important than perfection. Which is another thing that humans rail against. Perfection is all. We strive to be perfect, or what our society deems is perfect at the time. Look at the fashions today, look at the hair, the models. Look at what it all used to be. It’s never the same. Nothing is ever perfect. The most beautiful things are the things that are flawed. But humans can’t have that.

I believe that it makes people truly uncomfortable to give thought to the fact that perhaps our answer isn’t robots. Robots are cool, I’m totally not going to argue. Probably, if they manage to do it before I die, I’ll stick my brain into a robot body. But not until this fleshy mess is finished with. I want to see the world with real eyes. Smell the world, no matter how much it stinks in places, with an actual sense of smell, hear the world with ears and not aural preceptors.

But hey, that’s me.

I personally enjoyed all three movies. But my brain is wired to look for whatever can possibly go wrong with any given thing. I’m a generally negative person in that way. Everything that can go wrong, will. At one point or another, there will be total system failure. Be it biological or otherwise, eventually everything will fall apart. It’s just how the world works. It’s just how everything is made. A fact of life. Not trying to be depressing here. Just the facts, ma’am. I certainly don’t expect others to see things the same way I do, I’m not one to try to convince others to see things from my point of view. I’ll state my case and if it’s acceptable to others, fine, if not, fine.

Then again, I’m ready for the zombie apocalypse.

Weeds – 2

Yes, I just finished out the second season of Weeds. No, I am no more impressed than I was previously.

There were, I have to grant it, more of the funny lines, more of the funny situations. More fucked up, as it went. But it wasn’t anything that I didn’t expect, considering. The situations, I mean.

Except for the crazy girlfriend who shows up out of nowhere who just felt like she was thrown in to give the uncle more screen time. Don’t get me wrong, I adore Zooey. I think she’s wonderful, and great at what she does. I still don’t think that her part in this show was really …. necessary.

I also got to discover that I hate that stupid fucking intro song no matter who sings it. Or, in once case, if nobody sings it. I hate it. I hate it and it’s now stuck in my head because it’s not a hard song, and the lyrics are slightly repetitive, so there it is, in my brain, eating away at the things I need, so that I find myself sitting in the bathtub fucking singing it.

Or some variation of it with my own words trying to make it vacate it’s tenancy.

As far as I am concerned, everybody is dead at the end of season two. It works for me. I stand by my previous comment that it’s not the worst show in the world. It’s really not horrible, I guess I’m just really annoyed that everybody else enjoys it so much and I find it dull. I want to be in the circle. I want to be part of the in crowd, a cool kid. I want to say – Hey, yeah, I watch Weeds, cool, so do you. But I can’t. Because I don’t like it enough.

And if that song doesn’t get out of my head in the next day, my brain is going to have to find itself a new home.


I keep hearing everybody say that they really love this show, Weeds. It’s the best thing ever, it’s so funny, lalala. I’ve heard it from people who have the same tastes as me and people who I usually don’t agree with. So I figured that I had to watch it at some point.

I notice on Netflix that I can stream the first season right to my Xbox, so I figure that now’s as good at time as any to see what all the hype is about.

For those that don’t know, Weeds is about a suburban housewife who decides to sell pot after her husband dies and leaves her without anything but a giant house, two kids, a maid and a fancy SUV.

I’m a little lost on the “Left her nothing” part, because they don’t explain that very well from what I’ve seen, unless I was just spacing out when they said it – which is possible. They were well off enough to have expensive things, so why doesn’t he have some kind of life insurance? Why doesn’t she remain well off when he dies?

In any case, she sells the pot and she’s pretty good at it, but she’s pretty ignorant in the ways of the real world and the world of drug dealing. So the show follows her mishaps and everything that goes on in her life. Her two sons have some issues, her youngest acts out in pretty amusing ways, the oldest is a pretty typical 16 year old in my opinion.

Then her brother moves in, and he’s just another bunch of trouble.

The show has a lot of potential. I can see where the concept was interesting. I can see where they were trying to go with it. I can see the big plans that were brewing in their heads when they came up with everything and started writing out scripts.

But it’s missing something. I don’t know what it is, but it’s certainly not there. It sort of feels like it all falls just short of the potential. It builds up and it almost gets there, but then it gives up trying and settles for what it is.

It’s got some pretty amusing parts. Some really funny lines. It’s not a horrible show, by any means. It’s just, for me, a little bit dull. I don’t mind watching it, and I wouldn’t mind watching it again with somebody else, but I have no need to own it, and I don’t find myself getting excited about the next episode like I do other shows. It’s more like “Oh, there’s another one. Okay.”

I’m going to watch the second season because I just found it on Netflix to stream, I’m going to watch to see if it gets any better, any more interesting. Give it a second chance. But that’s all it’s getting. If the second season hits me like the first season has, then I’m going to be forced to give up trying.

The Tudors – Seasons 1 + 2

There’s one very large issue with watching a historically based show. Even if the story doesn’t follow the texts perfectly, even if some things are added or removed, it’s all pretty much pre-determined. No matter who you might want to see prevail, no matter who you might come to like a whole lot, or hate more than you thought you would, there’s only one end the trail can come to in the end.

Having said that – I very much enjoyed watching King Henry VIII prance around in the body of Jonathan Rhys Meyers in the most dramatic fashion possible.

There are a couple story lines within the main spectacle that I wish they had continued to follow. Such as the choir boy and the ghost girl. That was getting really really interesting when they abandoned it. Actually, that kid sort of vanished completely, come to think of it.

Besides the pretty cast, the main thing that attracted me to this show is the gorgeous costumes. I would more than gladly run around in dresses like they put on the women in the show – all the women, and thinks it’s incredibly unfair that I’d get laughed at and/or placed in a loony bin if I did so now.

The chick that they got to play Anne Boleyn did her job very well, and pulled off the crazy and jealous very well. I definitely believed that she went out of her effing gourd there at the end. Bat shit. That cackle she perfected is something to be reckoned with. And the nutball look she can produce in her eyes, that’s not easy to do.

It’s funny how you start to recall what you learned in history over 10 years ago when you’re watching a television show about it.

I’m also now considering watching The Other Boleyn Girl just to see how it compares. It already has the distinct disadvantage of not being able to run out it’s story through 20 hours. But perhaps that means that it held itself to a higher standard? It’s also difficult to imagine them being able to find actors that can hold a candle to the ones in this show.

I can’t believe that I watched the entire 20 hours in two and a half days. It went by so quickly. And in my watching, I’ve decided that I would like thousands of people ready to shit their pants at my say so.