Games waiting for me

Games that are partly played:

Viva Pinata (actually, mostly played)
Viva Pinata Trouble in Paradise (I want to play this, but they consume me so, I decided to wait until I got through the others)
Grand Theft Auto IV
Silent Hill: Homecoming (this is getting it’s own post)
Mortal Kombat VS DCU
Viva Pinata: Party Animals (mostly done)

Games that are completely untouched:

Red Dead Redemption
Mafia II
Mass Effect 2
Alan Wake
Superman Returns
Mirror’s Edge
Lego Indiana Jones the original adventures
Eat Lead
Assassin’s Creed
N3 Ninety-Nine Nights
The Darkness

Games I know I can’t play on my non-HD tv so they are sitting on my shelf:
Dead Rising
Dragon Age II

Games I want as soon as possible:
Arkham City
Hunted: The Demon’s Forge
Monopoly Streets
Lego Pirates of the Caribbean
L.A. Noir
BioShock II
Fallout 3
Marvel Ultimate Alliance
Dead Space
Fallout: New Vegas


Outpost Kaloki X

I have finally purchased this arcade game after wanting it for a few years. I had it at one point, when I was dating somebody, but when I got my own Xbox (we’d been sharing), I had to leave it on his, it wouldn’t transfer for some reason. I’d gotten not very far on it, but I loved the game. I don’t know why it took me so long. But oh well.

Previous to that, I had played it before it was released to the public. I was a game tester then, and on breaks and in free time, I played that game. I loved it then, too. But my contract ended before I finished.

So this marks the third time I’ll be attempting to play this game, and it’s not because it’s hard or I don’t love it. It’s that Fate seems to like to stand in my way.

Black Snake Moan – Request

I suppose this is another one I was sort of mislead on. I couldn’t tell you if it was due to commercials or other people, but I had sort of an entirely different idea of what was going to go on.

Not that this movie was bad, in any way.

In fact, it was incredibly fantastic. I’ve already stated previously how I feel about Samuel L Jackson, but I sort of feel like I need to say it again. The man is a fucking badass. How does he manage to be so awesome ALL THE TIME? No other human being on the planet could possibly withstand the amount of awesome he holds on a constant basis. They would explode.

And I have to say when they did the scenes with him singing, I about had a heart attack. I think I stopped breathing. I was not expecting that at all, and it sort of hits you in the face like a sledge hammer. (hello Peter Gabriel song suddenly going through my head) I could rewatch the storm scene like fifty times without getting sick of it.

It’s a little bit of a brain mess watching Penelope and then Black Snake Moan. But it certainly does a good job of showing what a varied and accomplished actress Christina Ricci is.

Not that I need to say it with such a rave review, but I really really loved this movie. A lot. I need to own this movie, soon.

The Tudors – Seasons 1 + 2

There’s one very large issue with watching a historically based show. Even if the story doesn’t follow the texts perfectly, even if some things are added or removed, it’s all pretty much pre-determined. No matter who you might want to see prevail, no matter who you might come to like a whole lot, or hate more than you thought you would, there’s only one end the trail can come to in the end.

Having said that – I very much enjoyed watching King Henry VIII prance around in the body of Jonathan Rhys Meyers in the most dramatic fashion possible.

There are a couple story lines within the main spectacle that I wish they had continued to follow. Such as the choir boy and the ghost girl. That was getting really really interesting when they abandoned it. Actually, that kid sort of vanished completely, come to think of it.

Besides the pretty cast, the main thing that attracted me to this show is the gorgeous costumes. I would more than gladly run around in dresses like they put on the women in the show – all the women, and thinks it’s incredibly unfair that I’d get laughed at and/or placed in a loony bin if I did so now.

The chick that they got to play Anne Boleyn did her job very well, and pulled off the crazy and jealous very well. I definitely believed that she went out of her effing gourd there at the end. Bat shit. That cackle she perfected is something to be reckoned with. And the nutball look she can produce in her eyes, that’s not easy to do.

It’s funny how you start to recall what you learned in history over 10 years ago when you’re watching a television show about it.

I’m also now considering watching The Other Boleyn Girl just to see how it compares. It already has the distinct disadvantage of not being able to run out it’s story through 20 hours. But perhaps that means that it held itself to a higher standard? It’s also difficult to imagine them being able to find actors that can hold a candle to the ones in this show.

I can’t believe that I watched the entire 20 hours in two and a half days. It went by so quickly. And in my watching, I’ve decided that I would like thousands of people ready to shit their pants at my say so.