Outpost Kaloki X (Finished)

I actually finished this game not long after I made the post about finally buying it. I guess I should have written this up then, but I didn’t even think about it.

As I said previously, I first played this game when I was a game tester. I would fiddle around with it when I was on breaks and when there was nothing else for me to do. I loved it then. The second time I played it, I was sharing an Xbox, and when I finally got my own, the game wouldn’t transfer.

Well, this time I was finally successful in playing through the whole thing. Maybe not the whole thing, because I didn’t know about all the extra stuff that they’d added since the last time I’d gotten a chance to play. The downloadable content is crazy. There are all sorts of challenge maps to do now. I haven’t even started on those.

But the core game, the thing that I’d been aiming for, was everything I remembered. It held my attention through the entire thing, and even managed to make me angry a couple of times. There’s nothing like trying to build a space station with a specific goal in mind when you’ve got aliens bombing you and a timer ticking away to raise the ire.

I’m glad that I finally made the purchase and that I finally got to play through the game all the way. I’m also glad that I didn’t have previous save games to start from, because I would have been lost pretty quickly. I had forgotten what every button did by the time I started it all back up again.

Next up: Trying out those other maps. They seem pretty interesting.


Outpost Kaloki X

I have finally purchased this arcade game after wanting it for a few years. I had it at one point, when I was dating somebody, but when I got my own Xbox (we’d been sharing), I had to leave it on his, it wouldn’t transfer for some reason. I’d gotten not very far on it, but I loved the game. I don’t know why it took me so long. But oh well.

Previous to that, I had played it before it was released to the public. I was a game tester then, and on breaks and in free time, I played that game. I loved it then, too. But my contract ended before I finished.

So this marks the third time I’ll be attempting to play this game, and it’s not because it’s hard or I don’t love it. It’s that Fate seems to like to stand in my way.