What You Should Know

I read a lot, watch a lot of movies, and play a lot of video games. This is the place where I turn to talk about those things that I do. Not everything is a full review, but some things. Some things might get more than one entry talking about them, and some might just be incoherent rambling (especially if it pissed me off or made me too overjoyed to be articulate). To put it a little more bluntly, nothing here has a format.

I will always be honest in the things that I say, and they will always be my personal opinion. I pride myself in the fact that I don’t like things just because other people do, and I don’t give a crap if people like what I like, I’m going to like it anyway.

You can be sure that you’ll see a pretty big range in the things I talk about, from genre on outward. There are very few things that I will disregard completely just because of one part of it, though you might see a bandwagon I jump readily onto because of one tiny factor (and you may even watch me fall right off the back of it onto my face).

I do this for fun, I am in no way affiliated with any of the things I talk about, if you want to comment, feel free and I will do my best to respond. Just keep in mind that these are my opinions, I am entitled to them, and you are entitled to yours. You will not change mine by calling me names or berating me, actually, you probably can’t change mine at all, so it’ll save both of us time and energy if you do not try. If you’d like to ask me further questions on why I like what I do, that’s fine.

Be civil, and I will be civil in return. Be a douchebag, and I will let colorful words fly.

I am, indeed, female, by the way. But you’ll be hard pressed to find anything that offends me. I am not PC. I am not fragile. I am atypical. My gender does not have anything to do with my gaming, movie watching, reading, or anything else I do. It just happens to be a part of me, and I would rather not be forced to quantify the things I do with anything other than my brain.


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